Yoga exercises for the body and breathing are only a small part of the art of Yoga. It is recommended to master all aspects of yoga, though this requires quite a lot of time and patience. However, we can start with physical exercises thus discovering our latent resources. Yoga distinguishes between physical and mental aspects and hence we gain experience concerning the functional bonds between physical and mental planes. Since to be healthy means not to be ailing until old age, the objective of Yoga is to eliminate the roots of all ailments rather than treating symptoms.

The Yoga technique highlights the following aspects:

1. Purification
2. Mind concentration
3. Correct breathing
4. Gaining equilibrium
5. Correct Relaxation

During a one-hour session you can gradually master the following techniques:

  • To release spinal muscular tension;
  • To improve the deep muscle tone;
  • To strengthen ligaments and joints;
  • To regulate the circulation;
  • To balance emotions and workings of mind.

By observing the principle of non-violence towards ourselves, we can little by little attain harmonious cooperation between the principles of the physical body, dynamics of life, and psychic and spiritual principles.

We are like vessels while Yoga is a technique preparing us for internal blessing and influx of the divine nectar (ambrosia). We are properly prepared after we have reached a certain level of maturity, purity and power.

Arnis Silins is the teacher of Yoga in our Center.

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Yoga for Expectant and Young Mothers

Yoga helps more efficiently than active physical exercises to eliminate the excess not only on the lower planes but also on the subtle planes, as it is the subtle which is the basis of the lower and not vice versa. Oftentimes when performing active, dynamic actions everything is taking place merely on the lower plane only, which incites passions and desires. Incitement cannot be considered to be relief, which is needed during pregnancy and especially during labor. Yoga teaches to an expectant mother to balance the energies between giving and receiving. Yoga is concentration based not on wasting the resources but rather based on total relaxing. This can be done mentally and emotionally as well as physically. When practicing Yoga during pregnancy, the pelvic area is strengthened, the thyroid activity and the blood pressure are normalized. This helps to calm down and relax, which is good for the child, too. Yoga is particularly recommendable in the case of insomnia, fatigue and cardiac disorders. The objective of Yoga classes is to teach the expectant mothers breathing correctly thus helping them to make the course of their pregnancy easier and preparing them for labor. This is Yoga for easier pregnancy and natural labor.

In our Center, the Yoga classes are taught by Arnis Silins. He is a choreographer and teacher, and the student of Yogi Svami Amrit Mahamedha.

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