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Abhyangam massage

This is a typical Ayurvedic oil massage when an appropriate oil combination is selected for each patient individually. During massage the body is anointed with warmed oil on all sides in a certain order and the patient is asked to change the position of his body from time to time accordingly. It is very important that the movements of the massage are strictly performed along the energy lines of the body and the so-called marma points. This, in turn, leads to the elimination of waste substances from the body and the arrangement of the body energies along with a pleasant relaxation. This massage helps many patients to get rid of overweight. This ayurvedic massage is part of the panchakarma treatment course although sometimes it is administered as an independent treatment procedure.

The abhyangam massage lasts about 50 minutes. In our Center, this massage is performed by Ilona Abele, M. D.


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Champi massage

During this massage the patient usually is in a sitting position and his shoulders, arms, neck and head are massaged in turn one after the other. Massaging movements are strictly regulated and follow the energy lines and the marma points of the body. High-quality oils including aromatic oils are used, and are selected in compliance with the body type of the client. The massage procedure lasts about an hour.

Champi massage has diverse effects as it balances and stabilizes all energy flows in the human body and therefore the client usually experiences very good relaxation during the massage. During the massage the blood lymph circulation, as well as the supply of tissues with oxygen are improved. Particularly good results can be achieved when treating anxiety and depression syndromes as well as headaches of various origins. This massage alleviates the muscle tension and pain in the nape area and shoulders as well as helps successfully in treating highmoritis.

In our Center, Champi massage is performed by neurologist Inese Zandersone.

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Abhyangam massage



Champi massage

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