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Aparmita - Point massage
Point massage

This treatment technique was developed in the eastern part of Asia (the present-day territories of China, Mongolia, Korea and Japan) in ancient times (about 50 centuries ago). As a result of the continuous cognition process of the world and nature, the knowledge of what is useful and what is harmful to human beings was accumulated.

The ancient Oriental medicine applied extensively various kinds of massage including caressing, rubbing, kneading, battering, pinching and application of finger pressure combined with circular movements in the areas of the so-called life points.

Specific points on the surface of human body were found, described and systematized as well as functional relationship between them was discovered. Depending on the kind of disorder, a needle, a wormwood cigarette or a finger pressure was applied to the appropriate points, the damaged function was restored to normal and the sick person recovered.

The point massage is based on the same principle as acupuncture and moxibustion. The only difference is in the fact that when massaging "life points" with finger tips, the skin is not traumatized. All in all, there are about 700 such points, of which some 150 are used most often.

By finger pressing on strictly defined points we can affect the functions of various organs and systems as well as regulate vegetative functions, metabolisms and rejuvenation processes selectively, in a well-considered and appropriately measured way.

Point massage is part of čžeņ-czju reflexive therapy and is one of the few techniques, which, although developed more than five thousand years ago, has survived and is practiced today as if born anew. Its growing popularity can be explained by the latest scientific findings concerning reflexive effects on human organism and the mechanisms governing these effects as well as an opportunity to reduce the use of strong synthetic medications. Some of the traditional eastern concepts have already received scientific approval while others are still waiting for their researchers; however, the criterion of truth - practice - testifies to their importance.

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